Latest News

GB7SJ is linked to HUBNet between 7-10pm every evening in Fusion Mode except Wednesday evening. All other times digital traffic is welcomed but will only be local.

GB3SJ (VHF Analog) Repeater is now on air (does seem to have some electrical noise from the tower though). Linked to HUBNet 24/7
MB7ISJ 10 metre simplex gateway linked to HubNet
MB7ISJ 2 metre link is now shutdown on 145.2125MHz 77Hz ctcss (Been replaced with GB3SJ)
Should be back on air soon MB7ISJ 10 metre. 29.280MHz 77Hz ctcss

GB7DJ (DMR) went Live on the 3rd June 2016
See GB7DJ Tab above for more info.
GB7DJ (DMR) Just had a firmware upgrade on the MMDVM software which has improved receive sensitivity and also improved audio. Big thanks to Peter G&RPG for all his help.

GB7JL will soon be join the Northwest Link on Timeslot 1 talkgroup 23520 which links GB7DJ,GB7JL and our Guest Portsmouth repeater GB7PK run by Peter G7RPG

GB7SJ (Fusion/Analog) went live! 5th April 2014

MB7ISJ VHF (ALLSTAR) went live over three years ago. (Now off air)

GB7SJ on Allstar and echolink
This Allstar connection is now working on Node 41360

Stuart Jackson M0WTXHUBNETUK

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